Searching for traces – into the world with Hildegard von Bingen

Important places and places of activity around Hildegard

Hildegarden – Museum am Strom

The Hilde Garden at the Museum am Strom displays numerous plants that Hildegard described in the "Physica".

The Hildegard way in Bingen

Discover places of Hildegard's work and life on a walk through Bingen

The Rupertsberg

The place of origin of Hildegard's many-sided works.

Catholic St. Rochus Chapel

Spiritual rediscovery in the 19th century and home of the great Hildegard and Rupertus altars.

Parish Church of St. Rupertus and St. Hildegard

Situated not far from Hildegard's former monastery on the Rupertsberg mountain

Disibodenberg monastary ruins

Life in the hermitage

St. Hildegard Abbey Eibingen

The successor monastery

The Rüdesheimer Hildegard way

Further insights into the life of Hildegard

The Hildegard von Bingen Pilgriamage Trail

137 kilometers from Idar-Oberstein to Bingen

Imperial Palace Ingelheim

Hildegard as admonisher and political advisor