Who was Hildegard of Bingen

Fascination Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard has been fascinating people for over 800 years - and every era has discovered something new about the prophetess from Rupertsberg:

In the Middle Ages, she was regarded as the herald of the approaching end of the world. The humanists celebrated Hildegard as the first great woman in literary history. During the Reformation, Hildegard was often invoked because she had used drastic words to complain about abuses in the papal church. The Romantics created the image of the "popular saint Hildegard" from many a miracle story. Since the industrial age, holistic "Hildegard medicine" has become popular as a gentle alternative to apparatus medicine. Today, Hildegard is regarded by many as a pioneer for the emancipation of women. As the most important composer in the history of music, she is known above all in the USA, Australia and Japan. Hildegard's holistic view of creation gives us valuable orientation in dealing with climate change. And in 2012, the visionary from Bingen was elevated to the status of Doctor of the Catholic Church on the basis of her extensive work - the fourth woman worldwide in 2000 years...

But who was Hildegard of Bingen really? Many details of Hildegard's biography have not yet been researched: our image of this great woman of the Middle Ages is still strongly overlaid by the ideas, myths and legends of past centuries. But little by little, the historical person of Hildegard of Bingen is taking on clearer contours. At the Bingen Museum am Strom, we strive to comprehensively research Hildegard's biography, to understand her life and work under the framework conditions of the 12th century and to convey it to the public as vividly as possible.



Hildegard – a modern woman of the Middle Ages

Short biography according to the latest research on her life

versatile Hildegard

Abbess, visionary, theologian and church teacher, counsellor and admonisher, healer, composer, strong woman: Hildegard of Bingen stands for so many things that can still offer valuable orientation and inspiration for our lives today...