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55411 Bingen am Rhein

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Education and Learning

Innenraum der Mensa Ganztagsschule BüdesheimEDUCATION is of particular importance in Bingen and enjoys a special position.

Education and childcare are two of the most important tasks in our community, because children are our future. Knowledge on a firm base can be obtained in Bingen, at normal schools and places of higher education – the range is large.

From school-beginners to students, there are suitable places of education in Bingen.


In the town there are numerous educational establishments.

In the German version of our internet presence there is a list of all schools in Bingen.

Technical college in Bingen (Technische Hochschule Bingen)

Practice-oriented studies and a partner in technology transfer

The technical college in Bingen is a dynamic college, which combines both modern aspects and tradition. It reacts creatively and flexibly to new challenges. The teachers have to meet high quality standards, there is interdisciplinary work, and it is involved in international co-operation. As it is not too huge, there is a personal atmosphere.