Bingen has a lot to offer to families. An important aspect is the creation of conditions so that families can organize their lives in the town.

The offers for families are not individual but for average families, which serve all aspects of life and all generations.

These include - in addition to the infrastructure for living, working and leisure time:

  • Extensive offer of childcare: in Bingen there are possibilities to place children in the care of competent and loving people, from the nursery school to the pre-school playgroup.
  • Educational possibilities, from the primary school to a large range of further-education schools – some of them full-day schools – to the technical schools.
  • In youth work the clubs and associations carry a large responsibility.
  • There are numerous offers for senior citizens, which enable them to live independent lives until ripe old age, and there is also advice and support in overcoming problems and difficulties at an advanced age.