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Rheinkai 21
55411 Bingen am Rhein

Phone: 06721 184-205 / -206
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Citizen information online

The town administration is located in Burg Klopp (Klopp Castle). In addition there are other departments of the administration in other buildings.

The employees see themselves as a part of a transparent and modern administration, and will gladly help if there are any queries.

In addition to our information system in German, we offer you the following information about selected services:

Registering and deregistering of domiciles

Registering and deregistering a change of abode within 8 days of the change of address.

Lost-property office

Objects which have been found in the town will be kept in the lost-property office for six months, unless they are claimed by the owners.

Personal matters (births, marriages and deaths)

Births and deaths in the town must be registered at the Standesamt (registry office), where marriages are also conducted.

As the documents required are very individual, we ask for information from individuals in each case.

ID cards and passports

German citizens require an ID card or a passport in order to prove their identity.

When applying for a new document, the old and new passport photographs are to be supplied. When applying for the first time, a document showing the family line and a passport photograph that is suitable for biometric processing is required.

Economic support

We see ourselves as providing a service for companies:

  • We advise on locating a business.
  • We support firms which are relocating to Bingen and also newly created businesses.
  • We offer the necessary sites in our industrial areas and industrial parks for extensions to existing firms and also to firms relocating to Bingen.
  • The approval decisions are made quickly through close co-operation with specialist authorities.