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Hildegard Forum on the Rochusberg in Bingen

Garten HildegardforumThe Hildegard Forum of the Sisters of the Cross on the Rochusberg is located in the middle of a herb and fruit garden near the Rochus Chapel and is entirely dedicated to conveying Hildegard of Bingen's messages and the holistic approach of her teachings. Changing exhibitions, lectures and seminars deal with her life, work and oeuvre.

A restaurant offers a daily changing lunch buffet based on modern nutritional knowledge, a small shop with products related to Hildegard invites visitors to browse, the medicinal herb garden was designed according to the medieval Benedictine model and extended by an orchard. Around 80 medicinal plants and trees grow in the two gardens, which are described in Physica, a book written by Hildegard von Bingen.

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 Hildegard Info-Punkt in the town center of Bingen

The Hildegard Info Point is an information point in the town centre (corner of Schmittstraße and Hasengasse) for visitors to find out more about Hildegard of Bingen. Volunteers from the "Hildegardlotsen" provide information here and also convey basic information about the church teacher from Bingen in personal conversations. The information centre also has a small selection of Hildegard products for sale and is open regularly from March to October from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Wednesday - Saturday).

Cycle tourists who want to explore the town by foot can also leave their luggage there for safekeeping.

Hildegard Centre on the  Rupertsberg - Church St. Rupertus und St. Hildegard in Bingerbrück


The Hildegard Centre in the Church of St. Rupertus and St. Hildegard is open all day from 10:00 to 16:00 (during summertime until 18:00) for all who wish to visit.

For the form of an "Open Church", the central consideration is the significance of the building as a house of hospitality, tranquillity and the opportunity for prayer in a sacred space. This church in Bingerbrück, directly on the Rupertsberg, is still a consecrated space in which services, baptisms and other christenings or liturgical celebrations continue to take place.



„Mediales Churchsystem“ (MediaKi):   
MediaKi (Ausschnitt)

This is the first church in the diocese of Trier to have this system installed. Visitors can become active themselves by screen. They choose between different programmes with suitable music, sophisticated lighting and moving chants as well as spoken texts, on a self-explanatory touch screen. The whole thing is supported by various lighting effects in the choir room and other additional places.

A guided tour through the church and detailed information about Hildegard's time on the Rupertsberg up to the end of her life are available here. An application "Hildegard - told for children" rounds off the information.

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Flyer Hildegardzentrum (PDF)

Rupertsberger Hildegard Society

Logo der Rupertsberger Hildegardgesellschaft (RHG)

The Rupertsberg vault on the Rupertsberg - The monastery of St. Hildegard on the Rupertsberg was an impressive complex visible from afar until its destruction in 1632. Today, only 5 arcades of the monastery church remain. They are located in a villa from the Wilhelminian period on the property Am Rupertsberg 16 in Bingen-Bingerbrück. The entrance to the Rupertsberg vaults is also located there. These former wine cellars are located directly under the monastery church built by Hildegard.

The Rupertsberg Hildegard Society of Bingen e.V. has set itself the goal of showing the historical location of Hildegard's life at this place, the saint's main place of activity:

- to open up and make known her person, her life and her work

- to present and reflect on her theology and spirituality

- to communicate her holistic medicine and

- to let her music resound.

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Scivias Foundation

The Disibodenberg Scivias Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Disibodenberg monastery ruins and also promotes research work on Hildegard.

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