Parish Church of St. Rupertus and St. Hildegard

The four towers of the neo-Romanesque church are conspicuous from afar

A statue of Hildegard by the artist Karlheinz Oswald in front of the portal of the neo-Romanesque church and a statue of the saint on the east towers dating from 1972 make it clear: this is Hildegard-von-Bingen country.

Innenraum Hildegardzentrum Pfarrkirche St. Rupertus und St. Hildegard

The Hildegard Centre in the church of St. Rupertus and St. Hildegard is open all day from 10:00 to 16:00 (during summertime until 18:00) for all who wish to visit.

Friends of Hildegard will get their money's worth with the "Medial Church System", which tells the story of Saint Hildegard on the Rupertsberg, and a virtual church tour, as well as songs and light effects.

The church with its spatial design, which in neo-Romanesque style seeks to recall the form of Hildegard's monastery church, convinces with its simplicity and above all with Hildegard's vita, which is depicted on five impressive stained-glass windows in the transept. In addition, there is a shrine in a small side chapel with relics of the saint and of St. Rupertus, who lived and worked here at the mouth of the Nahe in the 8th century. Rupertus is known to be the patron saint of pilgrims. In this respect, pilgrims on the Hildegard pilgrimage route have come full circle at this place. Of course, a pilgrim's stamp is also available here.

Information about the Hildegard Centre is available from Carl Woog at 06721-992188. The church is located at Gutenbergstraße 2 in Bingen-Bingerbrück.

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