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Hildegard-Musical: "I saw the world as ONE"

Fr 12.06.2020

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Hildegard-Musical: "I saw the world as ONE" (Englisch)

Hildegard-Musical: "I saw the world as ONE""I saw the world as ONE". The musical describes the eventful life of the visionary, theologian, composer and abbess Hildegard of Bingen. In emotional songs and moving images, this Mixed-Media-Musical desribes the path of life of this impressive personality of the High Middle Ages.

We accompany Hildegard from her entrance into the Disibodenberg Monastery, from the foundation of the monastery in Bingen to her death in 1179.

Live singers: Menna Mulugeta, Annette Artus, Josch Röger and a mixed choir.

The author and composer, Martin Rector, says: "An important goal, which I pursue with Musical, is to show that the great visionary and church teacher also for the modern is relevant to the human condition. When one is ready to focus on Hildegard as a human, her music and scriptures reveal a meaning that is most closely associated with the terms of spirituality and mysticism. For Hildegard there was no separation from God and creation. No "down here on earth" and "up there in heaven." For she, God is constantly present in His creation. Creation is permeated by God.

This is what the title "I saw the world as one." stands for.


Fr 12.06.2020
18:00 Uhr
Aussenaltar Rochuskapelle, Bingen am Rhein

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Artemis Institut e.V.
Martin Rector
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