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Rheinkai 21
55411 Bingen am Rhein

Phone: 06721 184-205 / -206
Fax: 06721 184-214
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Community Youth Service

  • The Community Youth Service in Bingen offers holiday programmes, leisuretime activities, events, educational travel etc in addition to the various offers from youth clubs for both children and youths.
  • Furthermore, the service offers advice for schools, education and parents. There are pedagogically trained employees.
  • A further field of our pedagogic service is advice to inofficial and public facilities, the content of which is relevant for children and youths.
  • The cultural offer is lively and local, and is especially aimed at the interests of children and young people, so-to-say lesiuretime activity out of the box. There are fairytale in the period leading up to Christmas, the environment theatre, classic rock concerts and open-air events, which offer great pleasure to children and youths.
  • And the Community Youth Service understands itself to be the representative and support when the needs of young people are involved, and to articulate their needs to the adult world.

Should you need further information, please visit our German internet presence.