Supporting programmes

We gladly support the organization and conduct of your conference. As your local partner, we can offer a number of services, which are often difficult to gain from a distance, or only with considerable time consumption.

Advice and information

  • Availability of rooms in the Rheintal-Kongress-Zentrum
  • Capacity of conference rooms, technical equipment
  • Access route and parking facilities

Free arrangement of rooms

  • We will supply a reservation form for booking a room in Bingen, which you can include in you invitation.
  • The participants return the filled-in form to us and we will make the necessary reservation.
  • The participants will receive a confirmation of the booking from us and important information about the access route and information about their stay.

Framework programme and incentives

There are individual concepts and organization of framework programmes and incentives.

Widen the perspectives, form teams, training individual skills, identify problems and find their solutions – outside the huge conglomerate regions you will discover a wonderful combination of history in the old wine town and the beauty of the wine landscape in Rheinhessen, as well as the romanticism of the Unesco World heritage “Upper Middle-Rhine Valley”.