Commercial park Bingen-East / industrial and commercial area Bingen-Kempten

Gewerbepark Bingen-OstQuick and uncomplicated – is that how you want to realize your location ideas?

No problem at all. You can already begin with the planning. The sites are already for sale. You can begin with the building work immediately. Available are 70,000 m² for commercial and 40,000m² for industrial use. Sites from 2,000m² are possible.

Specialists are available to find optimum solutions to location questions, and they can provide all the necessary information and the contacts. In close co-operation with the Rheinland-Pfalz Investitions- und Strukturbank (ISB) in Mainz, our specialists ensure that there is a smooth path to location. Optimum co-operation and unbureaucratic solutions to problems and absolute confidentiality are guaranteed. Call us!