Experiencing the region

Bingen is an ideal starting point for outings to all points of the compass: within a radius of one hour’s drive, there is an abundance of destinations, most of them easy to reach by train as well. Bingen is the place where four regions for tourists intersect: in the north the Romantic Rhine Valley, with the “Upper Middle Rhine Valley” UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the south-west the Nahe Country, with the spas and the jewels, in the south and east Rheinhessen, the land of 1,000 hills, and in the north-east the Rheingau, with our neighbour Rüdesheim, and all the slumberous castles and monasteries. Also in the east, and well worth several outings, is the Rhine-Main region, with the picturesque cities of Mainz, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.

We can recommend to you the Bingen-Rüdesheim recreational map, which has more than 190 tips for outings, from Koblenz, downriver to Mainz, and from Frankfurt to Worms