Wine adventures

Experientially explorative wine-tasting

Immerse yourself intensively in Bingen’s viticultural scene. One of Bingen’s vintners will introduce you to the world of wines, and explain to you everything involved in producing the local vintages. From Qualitätsweins QbA all the way through to Auslese, you will be tasting a total of six different wines accompanied by fresh bread.

Duration: approx. 1.5 - 2 hours Group size: 6 - 80 persons Price per person: from 10.00 euros


Wine-themed ramble with a wine-tasting at the vineyard

· Sparkling-wine reception in the winery · Ramble with the vintner through Bingen’s vineyards

At stops renowned for their striking views, you will be introduced to a total of eight exquisite wines. On the way to the famous “Three-Lakes View”, amidst the vineyards, there will be pretzels with homemade cream cheese as refreshment. After a ramble lasting one to two hours, our route takes us back to the winery, where if you like you can also enjoy a country-style vintner’s platter.

Duration: approx. 3 - 4 hours Group size: from 10 persons Price per person: € 21 per person or € 28.50 per person with vintner’s platter Dates: May to October


Exhilarating trek along the magnificent vine-clad slopes of Bingen’s Rochus Hill, under the motto of: experience wine, vintners and the beauties of nature!

A tour in a covered wagon along Bingen’s best vineyards, including a visit to the viewing tower at Scharlachkopf, with a breath-taking view of vine-girt Bingen and the Rhine Valley.

To make sure this tour is also a culinary experience for you, we shall be serving you two kinds of wine and mineral water in abundance; on the way to the famous “Three-Lakes View”, amidst the vineyards, there will be pretzels with homemade cream cheese as refreshment.

Back at the winery, there’s an interesting wine-tasting ready and waiting for you, featuring eight exquisite wines, accompanied by our hearty and substantial vintner’s platter.

Duration: approx. 4 hours Group size: 5 - 50 persons Price: € 37 / pers. (group size as from 11 pers.) €45 / pers. (group size up to 10 pers.) Dates: May to October


Fiery Vintner’s Night

Savour Bingen’s wines at night as well. Enjoy the very special atmosphere of a torchlight ramble to a campfire site amidst the vineyards, where you can taste six different wines while sitting around a warming vine-wood fire. And to make the romantic evening in the vineyards an occasion to truly savour, there’ll be a mouth-watering barbecue after the wine-tasting. You will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine and then you set off on a torchlight ramble through Bingen’s vineyards to a campfire site. There you can taste six different wines, followed by a barbecue.

Duration: approx. 3 - 4 hours Group size: 10 - 80 persons Costs per person: 37.00 euros Covered-wagon tour instead of the ramble Costs per person: 45.00 euros


Gateway to the world’s cultural heritage

Klopp Castle gives us a magnificent view of four different wine-growing regions: Nahe, Rheingau, Mittelrhein and Rheinhessen. There, high above the town, there’s much to delight your eyes, your nose, and your taste buds in an exhilarating experiential mix. You will taste wines from each of these regions, and learn some fascinating facts about Rhenish Romanticism.

You can book this as a Piccolo or Magnum Tour. The Magnum Tour also includes a farmhouse-style snack platter after the wine-tasting with house wines in the Vinotheque.

Duration: approx. 1 to 2 hours Group size: 10 - 40 persons Costs per person: Piccolo Tour 15.00 euros Magnum Tour 15.00 euros plus food and beverages


Sensory Sensations

Use all your senses to experience six wines, personally selected by Master Vintner Heribert Kastell, reflecting the authentic heritage of Rhenish Romanticism and homeland traditions. See, smell and taste the heady diversity of Bingen’s wines, and learn some fascinating facts about Rhine, wines and vines. The tasting will be held either in the vineyards or in Kastell’s company headquarters. To accompany the wine, we will be serving bread and cheese.

Duration: approx. 1 to 2 hours Group size: up to approx. 30 persons Price per person: 18.50 € Dates: all the year round


Regional delicacies

This wine-themed “Regional delicacies” experience promises culinary delights coupled with exquisite wines from Bingen. You will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine and a delicacy from the kitchen, followed by a three-course menu with accompanying wines and abundant explanations about the principles of viticulture and how wine is actually made.

Duration: approx. 3 hours Group size: 20 persons Price per person: € 49.00 Dates: all the year round


R henish scenery = oenological delights directly at the river

Enjoy six wines from Bingen’s own vintners at a unique venue directly next to the Rhine, against the scenic backdrop of the Rheingau, right opposite the Niederwald Monument, plus the unequalled beauty of the sunset in the Binger Hole. We shall be giving your taste buds a treat with "Ebbes", which are Rheinhessen’s equivalent of tapas. Check them out, savour the wine, directly at the River Rhine, and enjoy a relaxing few hours where so many holidaymakers love to come ...

Group size: 10 to 60 persons

Price per person: € 21


A holistic work of art

Regional-seasonal three-course menu, including five accompanying wines

Group size: from 10 to 60 persons Price per person: € 38


Wine-themed ramble on the Pilgrims’ Trail

The starting point for this wine-themed ramble is Bingen’s St. Rochus Chapel. There we can admire the Bethlehem Chapel and the large, sumptuous outside altar. We shall stroll along the Stations of the Cross to the old round stone table at Kempter Corner. Once we’ve arrived there, with a view of the "Goethe Ruhe", we shall savour some oenological delicacies in red and white. On request, we will be serving a small farmhouse-style snack platter.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours Group size: 5 - 40 persons Price per person: € 15, with snack platter € 22.50 Dates: all the year round, outside the Rochus Festival