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Der HildegartenIn addition to the Hildegard of Bingen exhibition in the neighbouring Museum am Strom, the garden contains a large variety of plants that Hildegard described in her work on natural history (“Physica”). In this significant compilation, the Benedictine nun described almost 300 herbs, bushes and trees, and their (healing) effect on humans. Unfortunately, this work was only handed down in late medieval

transcriptions, so the sense of the “original text” of Hildegard of Bingen is lost. As opposed to many popular writings about the so-called “Hildegard Medicine”, which simply overlook this problem, the Hildegarden deals with this issue. The “Source Fountain (Quellenbrunnen)” at the entrance shows the original tradition of “Physica” in an artistic way.

You can find detailed information about Hildegard of Bingen and a comprehensive event calendar in the “Land of Hildegard” portal at

EXCURSION TIP: Experience the Hildegard places of interest on both sides of the Rhine. With the “Land der Hildegard” ticket, you can use the passenger ferry between Bingen and Rüdesheim twice, it includes the admission fee for the Museum am Strom. Available at Tourist Information in Bingen and Rüdesheim.