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Hildegard Forum

Hildegard ForumThe Hildegard Forum of the Sisters of the Cross on the Rochusberg Hill is situated in the middle of a herb garden and an orchard and is completely committed to conveying the message of Hildegard of Bingen and the holistic approach of her doctrines. There are changing exhibitions, presentations and seminars that deal with her life and work. In a meditation room playing Hildegard’s compositions and showing images of her works, you can experience an audiovisual journey through her sensory world. The medicinal herb garden was organized following the medieval-Benedictine example. In both gardens, approximately 80 medicinal plants and trees are grown that are described in the book Physica, which dates back to Hildegard of Bingen. In the complex, the non-poisonous or semi-poisonous plants in the book are presented, separated according to domestic or original Mediterranean types.

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday

11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Contact us :

Hildegard-Forum der Kreuzschwestern

Rochusberg 1, 55411 Bingen

Tel.: 06721-18100-0