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Bingen on the Vine

On the famous vineyards like Scharlachberg or Rochusberg, which have spread the fame of Bingen’s wines far beyond the borders of Germany, superlative qualities are achieved. As evidenced by innumerable awards, like State Prizes, Gold Medals, and not least the Prize of Honour awarded by Bingen itself.

But it’s not only the wine from Bingen’s own wineries that are marketed in Bingen. From here, large wineries supply the global market with millions of bottles.

Bingen is singular, too, for another first in the history of wine. Here you can find the cradle of ice wine, namely in the district of Dromersheim. This is evidenced by an article in the "Rheinischer Volksbote" newspaper on Saturday, 21 October 1832.

There you can read that in 1829 the grapes were often not harvested, since they had not ripened properly. The subsequent severe winter, with widespread hardship for man and beast, induced several citizens to feed the grapes still hanging on the vines to their livestock. And in so doing they found that the grapes that had survived a frost of minus 22 degrees Celsius still contained some liquid. So without further ado they pressed them through a cloth, and treated the must thus obtained in the usual way. And the end result was an extremely good, sweet wine.

This was documented and officially confirmed by the owner of some prominent vineyards, Herr Hennern, and the then Mayor of Dromersheim, Herr Schmitt. The grapes were harvested, by the way, on 11 February 1830.

Wine’s health-boosting effects, too, were recognised and applied in Bingen very early on. For example, the famous Abbess Hildegard von Bingen wrote more than 800 years ago:

“A wine that is pure from the vine will make your blood healthy and fine”

and created more than 30 herbal recipes featuring wine.

In order to publicise Bingen’s wines inside and outside the town’s immediate homeland, some of the townsfolk, some of the vintners, and representatives of other guilds have set up a Wine Senate to promote oenological culture and the town’s wines – the Weinsenat Binger Mäuseturm e.V.

Every year, an Honorary Senator is elected, someone who has been a meritorious ambassador for Bingen’s wines or is committed to helping them become better-known. This illustrious fellowship includes the folk singer Heino, the Director of the ZDF broadcasting corporation, Dieter Stolte, Werner Höfer (+) and Jockel Fuchs (+).

Where so much wine is produced, people tend to know how to drink it as well. It’s best enjoyed, of course, at the winery itself when the vintner hosts a wine-tasting.

The greatest diversity, though, will be encountered at the Bingen Wine Festival, the tradition-steeped occasion for oenological merrymaking. It’s no accident that this festival lasts 11 days. Time that will definitely be needed if you’re to sample all the wines on offer. But at all of Bingen’s other festivals as well, the town’s most exquisite product is never in short supply.

And when you then look into the eyes of Bingen’s Wine Queen "Princess Schwätzerchen" and her princesses, you will be left in no doubt whatsoever: Bingen is the capital of wine.

Come and see for yourself! Discover your favourite wine, stroll along the Wine Learning Trail, make new friendships over a glass or three of Bingen’s wine in convivial company at our wineries and taverns.